《Always》歌詞:by Lewis Lewis Lewis Atlantic Starr mp3歌詞

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Atlantic Starr

Girl you are to me

All that a woman should be

and I dedicate my life to you, always

A love like yours is rare

It must have been sent from up above

and I know you'll stay this way, for always

And we both know

That our love will grow

and forever it will be you and me

Ooh, You're like the sun

Chasing all the rain away

When you come around

You bring brighter days

You're the perfect one for me

and you forever will be

and I will love you so, for always

Come with me my sweet

Let's go make a family

and they will bring us joy for always

Oh boy I love you so

I can't find enough ways to let you know

But you can be sure, I'm yours, for always


by lune


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