《The Big Bang》歌詞:byRock Mafia mp3歌詞

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(Whoa, babe) I don’t wanna lie,

I’m gonna take what you’re giving

Cause I know you’re willing, to take me all the way

You got me right here, combustible

And I can’t wait to finally explode.

The big big bang, the reason I’m alive,

When all the stars collide, in this universe inside.

The big big bang,

The big big bang, the big big bang

Some people like to talk, but I’m into doing,

What I feel like doing, when I’m inspired

So, if we take a walk down the beach tonight,

I bet that we could light up the sky.

repeat chorus

Take it from me, I don’t wanna be, mummified,

Sometimes I feel so isolated, I wanna die

And I’ll take it from you, if you got it

Every time, so baby, bring your body here,

Next to mine, next to mine

I don’t wanna dream

I just wanna live it

So baby, let’s not miss this thing!

repeat chorus

Hit the, big big big bang

Whoa, babe

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