《Possibly Maybe (Live)》歌詞:byBj?rk mp3歌詞

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Your flirt finds me out

Teases the crack in me

Smittens me with hope

Possibly maybe

As much as I definitely enjoy solitude

I wouldn’t mind perhaps

Spending little time with you

Sometimes Sometimes

Possibly maybe probably love

Uncertainty excites me

Baby Who knows what’s going to happen?

Lottery or car crash Or you’ll join a cult

Probably maybe

possibly love

Mon petit vulcan

You’re eruptions and disasters

I keep calm Admiring the lava

I keep calm

Possibly maybe

probably love

I love them!

With you dozen a day

But after a while I wonder

Where’s that love you promised me?

Possibly maybe

probably love

How can you offer me love like that?

My heart’s burned

How can you offer mer love like that?

I’m exhaused Leave me alone

Possibly maybe

probably love

Since we broke up

I’m using lipstick again

I’ll suck my tongue

As a remembrance of you

Possibly maybe…

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