《Accelerate》歌詞:bySusanne Sundf?r mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Many people will get hurt

Take your time and I’ll finish your dessert

Don’t look people right in the eyes

If you can, you can

[Verse 2]

Wars erupting like volcanoes

Blood streaming down the walls

It’s out of our hands, so baby let go, and

[Chorus 1]

Take it off, hit me hard like a drum

This must be paradise, cause I am numb

Let’s have fun, let’s have fun

[Bridge 1]

Bear the cross, die for fun

Crucify and kill for love

Pray the gods can turn the tides if you can

To death

[Chorus 2]

Stop the clock, whatever time you are

This must be paradise, cause I can count

What’s the time, what’s the cost?

What’s your price, face it out

[Bridge 2]

This love is [?]

Don’t look back

Accelerate forever time

[Chorus 3]

Start the car, don’t look back, accelerate

This must be paradise, cause we can fake

It’s too late, it’s too strong

It’s only blood, it’s the siren song

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