《Horrorshow 》歌詞:byThe Libertines mp3歌詞

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The Libertines


作詞:Carl Barat, Peter Doherty

I’ve been following

Your mind’s instructions

Oh how just to slowly

Sharply screw myself to death

Ah yes, there is a screw

It’s pointed at my head

Then look a dream peddlar

And a stick of light through my bones

Don’t get on the wrong one

Oi you and you what’s your game

Laying me down to waste laying me down

Pin me up or put me down

Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh

Now let it all go

It’s a horror show

You should come on round

Horror show, the horse is brown

Uh, uh, oh left something in Moscow

She said, ‘I’ll show you a picturea€?

A picture of tomorrow

There’s nothing changing

It’s all sorrow

Oh no please don’t show me

I’m a swine, you don’t wanna know me

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