《Simple Days》歌詞:by B.Reith B. Reith mp3歌詞

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I just wanna get back to the way things used to be (be)

You remember when we had nothin’ but that was more than

Good enough for you and me

‘Cause our love it was so strong

All we needed was each other to be happy

We would always say there’d be no way we’d see the day when

Anything would drive us apart

You would always be first place

Be the captor of my heart

All we’ve accumulated

Oh, it’s so overrated

What happened to the fire that sparked when we first met?


I just wanna get back to the way things used to be

When it was just you and me

Everything was so simple

Said, how in the world did it get so complicated?

Everything I have I would trade it

Just to go back to the days when it was only you and me (me, me)

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Only you and me (me, me)

Used to sit at night under the stars up in the sky and

Stare into each other’s eyes

Deep inside we knew we had everything we’d ever need to survive

We were younger then

Our future was so bright ahead of us

We made some wrong turns along the way

What we gained stole our attention

And it cost us our affection (yeah)

All we’ve accumulated

Oh, it’s so overrated

Wish I could trade it in for all the time we’ve lost (now)


Let’s forget every single thing we’ve known

Go back to the days when everything was beautiful and simple

Let’s throw away everything that we have gained

‘Cause it’s only gotten in the way of what I loved in the first place

You are the first place

[Chorus x2]

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