《I Don039t Like To Sleep Alone》歌詞:by ANKA PAUL Paul Anka mp3歌詞

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I don’t like to sleep alone – 我不喜歡一個人睡

Stay with me, don’t go – 和我在一起,不要離開

Talk with me for just a while – 和我說話,只說一會兒

So much of you to get to know – 要了解你這么多

Reaching out, touching you – 伸出(雙臂),觸摸你(擁抱你)

Leaving all the worries all behind – 把所有的煩惱拋在腦后

Loving you, the way I do – 愛你,以我的方式

My mouth on yours and yours on mine – 我(吻)你 你(吻)我

Marry me or let me live with you – 嫁給我 或 讓我和你一起生活

Nothing’s wrong and love is right – 沒什么錯 愛是對的

Like the man said in his song – 就像那人的歌里說的

“Help me make it through the night” – 幫我渡過這夜

Loneliness can get you down – 孤寂可以讓你消沉

When you get to thinking no one care – 當你想著沒人關心

Lean on me (and I’ll lean on you) – 靠著我(女聲:我會靠著你的)

Together we will see it through – 我們一起會走過去的

Oh, I don’t like to sleep alone – 哦,我不喜歡一個人睡

Sad to think some folks do – 想起有人喜歡一個人睡,就感到悲哀

No, I don’t like to sleep alone – 不,我不喜歡一個人睡

No one does, do you – 沒人喜歡這樣,你呢?

(I don’t like to sleep alone) – (女聲:我不喜歡一個人睡)

No one does, do you – (合唱:)沒人喜歡這樣,你呢?

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