《Nye》歌詞:byMissy Higgins mp3歌詞

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all the girls are drunk

maybe so am I

here beneath the old expressway

I watch them walk on by

all the harbour’s humming

gonna light the crackers soon

I just wanna kiss you

beneath the new year moon


all the junkie kids are tired

every single taxi’s hired

say I’m moving slow

that you wanna go

but I don’t wanna leave

there’s no need to feel so bad

growing up can make you sad

you won’t be ignored

all on board

tonight is new year’s eve

mom and dad are in the backyard

with Gladys Knight and her pips

my little brother’s in his bedroom

with nicotine on his fingertips

my big brother’s downtown

scaring girls and fighting surfies

said I’d meet him in the donut kebab stand

next to Colin Murphy


I can hear the westies blow their horns

desert boots dragging off the dunes

downtown’s got its own sound

whistling through these rooms

and the streets are full of action

the burning signs are hanging high

I just gotta get some traction

let the light shoot through my eyes

all the punks are lighting fires

drinking long necks in the park

some girls swimming in the fountain

singing Buzzcocks in the dark

your sister always says she’s lonely

I stole a new year’s kiss from her

and there’s a last train left the station

every red light was a blur


now all the junkie kids are high

the train driver’s getting tired

moon is hanging low

rays are rocking slow

shut your eyes and breathe

I don’t know why you’re feeling sad

it’s the best time that i ever had

let me hold you tight,

let me hold you tight,

tonight is new year’s eve

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