《Let Me Think About It》歌詞:byFedde Le Grand mp3歌詞

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Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand –

Let Me Think About It


Let me think about it

You saying baby

I’ll take you for a ride

Let’s get together

Work it all night

I’ll be your lover

Your sexy affair

I’ll make you feel like

Heaven is near

let me think about it

Come on girl believe me

I’ll make you see

That I am the true way

To ecstasy

Touch me, feel me

Then you will find

We are meant to be…

And I aint lying

Let me think about it

Can I get with baby

Blow your mind or whatever you like

think about it

you don’t have to think no more

baby, just call

let me think about it

You say you want me

You say you need me

You say you love me

I can’t believing

Let me think about it


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