《Kehlani039s Freestyle》歌詞:byPARTYNEXTDOOR mp3歌詞

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Gin got me feeling real honest

Now that me and shawty platonic

Shout out G Ry and Neenyo

Smoke just a little bit, drank just a little bit

He don’t drink like he used to

He don’t think like he used to

Life taught you new things

Now you wanna do things

These hills keep track of your New Balance

Since you lost him you got a new balance

I can’t say I do better, no, no, no

But I’ll act like I know, know, know, better

I can’t say that I do better

But I can’t say I never knew better, no, no, no, no

If I ever had you, think I coulda had you

All your exes mad too, cause somehow I just bagged you

Crushing girl, I’m glad too

Fuck you ’til you cum, girl I’m glad to

Yeah you know I had to

Mmm, yeaa

Walking down your steps with no bra or panties


Girl you know better, ask your auntie

She said “Who’s that nigga?”, he’s a R&B singer

“Who’s that nigga, what’s his intention?”

She say “he’s a good nigga, he’s a good nigga, he’s a hood nigga”

No, no, no, no, no

We act like we don’t know, no, no, no, no

No ifs, no ands, no buts, no whatsoever

We can’t say we never knew better

No, no, no, no, no

But I have to act like I don’t know, like it’s whatever

But I can’t promise I’ll do better

No but I know, better

But I cannot promise

Every nigga want a bad bitch

Every woman want the magic

Throwin’ ones at mad bad bitches

Dirty money, dirty habits

Fuck the Uber, I’ma cab it

Calling me to say you want this

You lonely at home thinking mad shit

Fuck me, I know you a savage, mmmmm

Peelin’ back the layers like a motherfuckin’ candy, feenin’

Girl don’t keep no secrets from me

Who did you love that I gotta shake hands with?

Who did you love that I gotta make plans with?

If we not standing then it’s not a one night stand and

I’m not romantic, I’m not with the antics, no, no, no, no

Damn I wish I took things slower

Both knew betta

Thank God that I pulled up for her

Cause she know better

Vodka and you make me crazy

Gin and you make me crazy


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