《These Years》歌詞:byLainey Lou mp3歌詞

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專輯歌手:Lainey Lou

專輯名稱:Melody Lane




歌曲名稱:These Years

Don’t u

dare to say i love u

dare to say u want me again

dare to say u want me again

cuz u went and dumped me on the pavement

abused another statement

and dear i sure do hate it

i hate it so


don’t tell me it’s easy

to let this all go

u left me alone and yes u said so

don’t i have a say

in how i love u

oh what the years

these years had meant to me

i saw u dropped below the altitude

and tangoed in the wrong roots

your rights and wrongs have changed my tune

and i saw i stood upon that balcony

to show how much u meant to me

i cared upon the disbelief

so plz don’t


the sacrificial little lies

cannot be something u can hide

but darling plz do not deny

deny that this was all your fault

i love u love without a doubt

don’t be afraid to let it out

my heart’s still here but just apart

but just apart

but just apart

from exactly where u are so

(chorus x2)

wish u

wish u say i love u

wish u say u want me again

wish u say u want me again

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