《No I Can039t》歌詞:byPebaluna mp3歌詞

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I ain’t no thing.

No, I can’t sing.

I just sit by the window looking for a better scene

Because I can’t stand by

but I try, I try

and in the end I’m told no one can arrive

No, there ain’t no day that I’ll say

there’s nothing left for me to take

because I’ll always want more, and it’s a trick coin

both sides are telling me there just ain’t no point

but I keep going on like I’m going to change

the whole damn world, and make a perfect name

but I’m only one, and it’s only what I see

and these eyes can’t see past the weak


So you see I can’t.

No, I can’t see what you, you see in me

No, I can’t.

No, I can’t see the change you say I bring.

Yet I was told by a good friend

I got my life in the palm of my hand

and through the tears I looked him in the eye

hoping to God that I’d remember this time

because I got it good, but I feel so low

giving all of my love ’til I ain’t got no more

and no one asked, but still I chose

to give my worth

To take the blow

and it’s only one that can change my mind

but it ain’t me, and that’s the problem I find.


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