《Stevie》歌詞:byBritny Fox mp3歌詞

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[D. Davidson, B. Childs]

You might have seen this girl, did you catch her name

Has she played the town, watch your step cause she’s been around

She was once my queen, my love, prize and dream

She left her name around, a little sly way she sneaks around


Cause I know what you might say, you wanna ask me if Stevie makes the play

Cause I know, oh no, cause everybody wants to know about my Stevie


My Stevie, my Stevie, my my Stevie

Ya said your love for her is growing strong

You’re gonna find out soon, all things that she’ll do to you

Your life is on a knife, she says she’s not that type

You might as well take the blade cut yourself, yourself in two





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