《Monte》歌詞:byZee Avi mp3歌詞

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Flowers in the ground they wilt way

Sun in the sky it fades away

Make the funniest shapes from the cloud so grey

the breeze in the trees they blow my way

I was told my soul was old

then can’t I understand it all

if my soul was really old

I wonder if i could change this world

Life has given my obstacles

still I bite my tongue say it’s wonderful

I’m just glad I’m still around

I’m even more glad when things are down

But you, you came to break me

oh you, you came to save me

Life’s too short for what if’s and plans

so let the day take you by the hand

get your filofax we’ll go and burn them

but I’m too old for ‘damn the man’

I make a wish on a star at night

the brightest star that’s in the sky

Only to have realized

that it was just a satellite

But you, you came to calm me

oh you, you came to cool me

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