《Raise The Flag》歌詞:byAirbourne mp3歌詞

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Airbourne – Raise The Flag

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The battle ain’t over

The fight goes on

We’ll never surrender

We’re still standing strong

As long as you’re alive and we’re alive

Rock’n’Roll will never die

From the southern stars to northern lights

Rock’n’Roll will survive

We’re stocking the flame with high octane

We’ll never weaken of all

Now is the time for you and I to answer the call

Raise the Flag

C’mon raise the flag

Raise the Flag for rock’n’roll

We’re taking ground

Every night and day

We got the pedal down

Yeah we’re going all the way

The war ain’t over

We’re stoking the flame with high octane

And we’ll never weaken fall

It’s a way of life defend or die we’ll answer the call

C’mon raise the flag for rock’n’roll

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