《Winston Churchill039s Boy》歌詞:byBenjamin Clementine mp3歌詞

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Never in the field of human affection

Had so much been given for so few attention

Never in the field of human affection

Had so much been given for so few attention

Winston boy

Oh there is packing quietly, alone

You could mistake a clock ticking

For a cricket cricketing

When you’re around him

But I swear

Nobody knows

Nobody knows what’s on this boys mind

And nobody sees

Nobody sees what he’s been picturing

We all make a living by what we get

But we make life by what we give

By what we give

But in some special circumstances

This special circumstance

Winston boy will have to end living for he ends enough living to give

Where is your family

Where are your loved ones

Someone uttered

As he went on, crossing the channel

Well they say no man can be a prophet in his own country

So I left, here I am

Come one embrace me, hold me

I’m your brother

While as he kept on talking?? of the magnificent oh well

It’s about time he embraced a guitar borrowed

Borrowed from me

Come to think about it

I think a few years ago I heard him talk about how God blessed an eagle with 54 stars

And maybe he’s gone

He’s gone

Wandering living for his kind of stars

But if them stars

If we think about it

If beautiful stars

They tend to shoot through the night and you never find them again

Never and never and never again

And so don’t you judge Winston Boy

Don’t you ever judge Winston boy

One day this boy might be the man

Though clearly nobody knows when or how

One day this boy will stand in front of??

As the world gets him by permanent

There you will tell the world where he’s been and how

Underground to upper ground in the depths of??

Sureley survived

They share his story with a cup of thea streaming from his eyes

One day this boy will be fine

One day this boy will be fine

Better watch out now

That day might be today

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