《Forever And Ever Amen》歌詞:byThe Drums mp3歌詞

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The Drums – Forever And Ever Amen

LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

We, we are in love

We, forever

We’re, not gonna stop

We’ll be, forever

And all the stars in the sky

And all the flowers in the fields

And all the power in the Earth

Could never take you from my heart

And it’s forever, baby it’s forever

It’s forever, baby it’s forever

And Let me run til the end of time

Until our hearts are aligned into the sky

We’ll Run til the end of time

We, we are the ones

When, together

We, we are the young

We live, forever

And let me run til the end of time

We’ll run til the end of time

Forever and ever…

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