《Northern Comfort》歌詞:by Laiho Children of Bodom mp3歌詞

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Artist:children of bodom

Songs Title:northern comfort

You’re the one who plays with fire in the night

you’re the one who scares people with the scythe

You’re the one to tell Him to ever live by

you’re the Lord to shaking all alone

(You’re alone!)

Now you left me out to drop His sight

I wasn’t ready for the sunlight to come to my heart

Take me with you take me far take me away from the painless soul

Drop the haze save the skies… reaper never lies

Now running out to forever alone

sweating and shivering cold right to the bone

Pain is come control to fall…

become for the mad to escape with a bottle from this world

You’re far too alive try back to the sky

I wasn’t ready for the scythe… get me down to the trough

Like lightning from the sky

the moon is up with pride go listen take away

Your place for my lying out… being high come Heaven above

Drop it now it falls alive take me to the sky

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