《Everybody Needs Somebody to Love》歌詞:by BURKE SOLOMONRUSSELL BERT(BERNSBERT)WEXLER JERRY Solomon Burke mp3歌詞

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Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Singlelp Version) – Solomon Burke

I’m so happy to be here tonight

So glad to be here in your wonderful city

I have a little message for you

And I want to tell every woman and every man tonight

That’s ever needed someone to love

That’s ever had somebody to love them

That ever had somebody’s understanding

That’s ever had someone to need your love all the time

Someone that’s with them when they’re up

Somebody that’s with them when they’re down

If you had yourself somebody like this you better hold onto them

Let me tell you something

Sometimes you get what you want

And you lose what you have

There’s a song I sing

And I believe that everybody should sing this song you can save the whole world

Listen to me

Everybody needs somebody

Everybody needs somebody

Everybody wants somebody to love

Honey to hug

Sugar to kiss

Baby to miss now

Baby to tease

Sometimes to please yeah

And I need you you you

And I need you you you

In the morning baby you you you

When the sun goes down you you you

Ain’t no nobody around you you you

Whoa Sometimes I feel like

I feel a little sad inside

When my baby mistreats me

And I can’t get a little little mad

But I need you you you

Just to see me through

Somebody to hold my hand

When I feel a little lonely

Oh baby say yeah

I say yeah yeah



I just want my woman to stand up and say I love you

I want someone to be a witness

I just want to say I love you

I just want somebody to say yeah

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