《In Deepest Blue》歌詞:byJoshua Hyslop mp3歌詞

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Go slow my dear, and feel no fear

You’re not alone

Speak soft to me, and let me be

Your warmth in cold

Well, if that’s the answer that you’ve been looking for

And you know it’s true

Then, oh, take the reigns begin steering this again

Through deepest blue

As days go by, doesn’t matter what you’ve hoped for

As long as hopes alive

Days go by

It always stays the same, the same

We know not why

Everyone of us becomes jaded or mistrusts

Yet we long for lies

Well, if there’s an answer then I’m still looking for

To rest in truth

And, though storms will rage, it’s underneath the waves

In deepest blue

And days go by, doesn’t matter if we made it but that we’ve tried

Days go by

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