《Reasons Revealed》歌詞:byDreamtale mp3歌詞

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Saints of the sun

In their journey back home

Whispering to me in their dreams

“The shadows of your sleep – tell us what they mean and if we clear your view, will you believe?”

Guided by the one

The One and Only Son

Interpreting his words to the world

Seeing in their mind

The fate of their own kind

They wonder where

Their place is on this earth

Reasons revealed

Now we know why they cried

Infraction revealed

Oh, we banished the light divine

The future is here

– I can see it all too clear

And it burns with the rays of the sun

Spirits high up there

Oh, listen to my prayer

Forgive me all this pride

Forgive me all my fear

Please let me see

And please sing through me

Show me where

My place is on this earth

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