《My Last Amen 》歌詞:bydownhere mp3歌詞

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From the corner of my eye

There’s a tear I’m trying to cry

But the feeling can’t be found

Like a note thrills in a song

When I play it again, it’s gone

Cuz it was never in the sound

And it keeps me wanting

That mysterious thing

Like a night is waiting for a dawn

Every prayer I say (a little closer)

To my resting place (a little closer)

Where my final breath is the beginning

To never needing

And I will find my last Amen

I could swear I have two hearts

One to stay, one to depart

This sad, tragic kingdom

And it burns me down to the core

Because I know there’s so much more

It’s just a pale reflection

And it keeps me wanting

That mysterious thing

Like an outcast waiting to belong

And while the thrills are fading

The joy is in the waiting

Somewhere in the grand design

It’s good be unsatisfied

It keeps the faith and hope a little more alive

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