《When I Was Abroad》歌詞:byDaniel Romano mp3歌詞

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What do you say

Apart me ladies

What do you say

Hey I said

Things were much better back then

When I was abroad

I had no trouble find in her friend

When I was abroad

I’d wonder for miles and miles

And every face gave me a smile

From a grand cooly damn to the Nile

When I was abroad


Well I never had trouble with love

When I was abroad

Though it seemed to just fall from above

When I was abroad

And no matter when we were engaged

And soon enough everything changed

I was held back and kept in caged

From being abroad

When I was abroad I saw

Everything there was to see

Since I’ve been home with you

Well I just don’t feel like me

My days just seem to hang low

When every day used to be stand

So I’m telling my wife

That I miss my old life

And I’m working on changing it back

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