《Departure》歌詞:byMors Principium Est mp3歌詞

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You paid the price for my desires

To satisfy my burning lust

I felt temptation taking over me

I lost control of what was real

I am aware of other times

It’s like a dream of another game

I thought that this would never end

Pull me out from this dark country of the dead

I will never forgive you

For all the things you made me do

I will never forget you

For all the things you put me through

I can never forget you

I can sense your body next to mine

I will never lose you

You will always be here with me

I can live, but you can’t die

Closed like the love that bound me

You can’t touch, you can’t feel

The wounds i closed will never heal

You can’t hear, you can’t speak

But still i hear you calling me

I can smell, i can taste

And twine your arms around me

I didn’t mean to kill you

I only tried to hurt you

But once i saw all your bloody tears

I laid you down and let you die

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