《Right Next Door to Hell》歌詞:by Caltia Rose Stradlin Guns N Roses mp3歌詞

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歌手:槍炮與玫瑰(Guns N’ Roses)

專輯: Use Your Illusion I

公司: Geffen Records(環球唱片)

I’ll take a nicotine caffeine sugar fix

Jesus don’t ya git tired of turnin’ tricks

But when your innocence dies

You’ll find the blues

Seems all our heroes were born to lose

Just walkin’ through time

You believe this heat

Another empty house another dead end street

Gonna rest my bones an sit for a spell

This side of heaven this close to Hell

Right next door to hell

Why don’t you write a letter to me yeah

I said I’m right next door to hell

An so many eyes are on me

I got nowhere else to be

Feels like the walls are closing in on me

My mama never really said much to me

She was much too young and scared ta be

Hell “Freud” might say that’s what I need

But all I really ever get is greed

An most my friends they feel the same

Hell we don’t even have ourselves to blame

But times are hard and thrills are cheaper

As your arms get shorter

Your pockets get deeper

I never thought this is where I’d be

Thinkin’ time’ll stand still for me

Fuck you


Not bad kids just stupid ones

Yeah we thought we’d own the world

An gettin’ used was havin’ fun

I said we’re not sad kids just lucid ones yeah

Flowin’ through life not collectin’ anyone

So much out there

Still so much to see

Time’s too much to handle

Time’s too much for me

It drives me up the walls

Drives me out of my mind

Can you tell me what this means huh

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