《If I Was a Guy》歌詞:byFefe Dobson mp3歌詞

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Fefe dobson – If I Was a Guy

專輯《Sunday Love》

演唱/Fefe dobson

☆ ttdevil

if i was a guy

i’d get to wear the pants

making all the decisions

asking girls to dance yeah yeah

i’d be my biggest fan

i’d be the skinny lead singer

in a grunge band yeah yeah

i’d say c’mon c’mon…here girl

let me show you something

i’m gonna rock your world

and i’d say gimme gimme…some of your love

i’d be the only one girl

that you’d be thinking of

i would do lots of chicks

yeah i would be so horny

and we’d think with our dicks yeah yeah

i’d hang with all my boys

maybe talk about girls

like they were boy toys yeah yeah

baby i’ll chase you down

maybe i’ll stick around

maybe i’ll hang around with you

for a week or two

then baby i’ll get bored

you’re gonna be ignored

gonna let you down yeah girls

that’s what all guys do

i’m talking to you

Guy yeah

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