《My Pretty Little Saviour》歌詞:by 邊遠 浪樂隊 mp3歌詞

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since the first night we spent

three years have gone by

i never thought i could

stay such a long time

i was half dead then

and my blood was dry

you came like a stream

gently shook me alive

there were times i lost my mind

there were times i was so unkind

but you always forgave me

my pretty little saviour

i am a selfish guy

i do make you cry

but i wish you could know

how i cherish your smile

seasons come and go

i still have you nearby

you’re the best thing i guess

i ever got in my life

but sometimes i go insane

sometimes i just forget you

and you always wait for me

my pretty little saviour

i tried to be with you

and i tried to run away

but finally i get to know

you are the place i’m going to stay

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