《The Way We Are》歌詞:byKate Boy mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Just to be here, just to feel, you now

There’s been too much pressure in the boiler, and I need to calm it down

Just to breathe here, oxygen in and out

There’s been too much poison in the system

Festering toxins are hangin ’round


Got to get this out, out of my head, out in the air [x2]


We expire but we’ve got a life to live

And just like livewires, we all need plug in

It’s the way we are, the way we are, the way we are [x2]

[Verse 2]

Feel us, stop here, slowly shutting down

We need to kickstart the engine, to see that we miss the humming sound

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]


Vibrations run, running, rushing flood, we soak it up

Oh, and we poured it from our hearts

And we poured it from our hearts

[Instrumental Outro]

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