《AcCentTchuAte the Positive》歌詞:byJohnny Mercer mp3歌詞

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Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive – Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack

Sex And The City

All Dressed In Love by Jennifer Hudson

Style of love

I look good in love

When ita€?s been out of sight and out of mind for such a long time

Thata€?s how one forgets

So I reached in the back of my closet and pulled it out

And tried it on and it still fits

So I covered the pain up with lots of MAC make-up

But I cana€?t help but blush

Because Ia€?m in love

All dressed up in love


Cool in the summer, warm in the winter

Ia€?m dressed up in love

Ia€?m cool in the summer, warm in the winter

Cuz Ia€?m in love

All dressed up in love

People are looking, some even staring

I dona€?t know it, when they ask me what Ia€?m wearing

This or that, ita€?s made for any weather

My friend and I sit down and we both make it together

Now if you really want one of your own

I hope your shoes are made for walking

Cuz I found love and I you must find love

Cuz Ia€?m in love

And you must find love

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