《Arriving Somewhere But Not Here》歌詞:by Wilson Porcupine Tree mp3歌詞

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Never stop the car on a drive in the dark

Never look for the truth in your mother’s eyes

Never trust the sound of rain upon a river

Rushing through your ears

Arriving somewhere but not here

Did you imagine the final sound as a gun?

Or the smashing windscreen of a car?

Did you ever imagine the last thing you’d hear as you’re fading out was a song?

All my designs, simplified

And all of my plans, compromised

All of my dreams, sacrificed

Ever had the feeling you’ve been here before?

Drinking down the poison the way you were taught

Every thought from here on in your life begins

And all you knew was wrong?

Did you see the red mist block your path?

Did the scissors cut a way to your heart?

Did you feel the envy for the sons of mothers tearing you apart?

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