《The Only Fault (Hidden Track)》歌詞:byRachael Yamagata mp3歌詞

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If I could have one wish,

If I could have some say,

I’d keep you far from home.

I’d roll back both my sleeves,

Dig under your skin,

And fix your shattered bones.

Hold on, this may hurt you

When I tell you of the truth:

We don’t get two lives to live.

It’s true, the only fault I found in you

Is not being free to take what I would give.

If I could bend your pain

Into something good,

Make you a prouder man.

If I could rough you up

And save you with good luck

I’d show you hope again.

Hold on, we’re not meant to suffer so very long

Even love that’s gone has never been the same

Hang tight, the only fault you have tonight

Sitting down so cold ’til I break in.

Oh, sad young man, I think I need you

For reasons I don’t know.

I pledge myself to winter season

So it’s perfectly on course,

But in the end it has to snow.

If I can make you stay

Convince you you’d be lost

if we were torn apart,

If it remained unclear

Between the two of us

Which one would be the one

To break the other’s heart.

Hold on, this will floor me.

Differently than any drug that’s washed me into sleep.

It’s true, the only fault I’ll take from you

Is how to run from what you wish to keep.

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