《Mr. Pay Me 》歌詞:byJade Valerie mp3歌詞

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Artist:jade valerie

Songs Title:mr. pay me

you wanna blame me?

Now it’s your turn to entertain me

You call me crazy

But hey you made me

and now it’s your turn to entertain me


Well you bled me dry

and then deserted me

Fed me acidic lies and called it dignity

Recklessy abandoned but addicted to your venom

Shoving down your shit like meals

never asking Hey what’s in it?

Always felt psychotic never knew you were the menace

Cloaked within your shame

but somehow you made me love it

What a cruel disguise that almost murdered me

I helped you clean the knife that you stabbed me with

Ripped me into shreds then made me puck up all the pieces

Turned my life to toxic waste and then you made me eat it

Like Moses in the desert no I never stopped believing

You took everything I had, and left me begging you for it

I hope one day you feel old like me

I hope you feel cold like me

I hope you feel every scratch, every wound,

and everywhere that I bleed

That’s what you get for never knowing me

for never holding me

I hope you feel everything

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