《Call It Rock amp Roll》歌詞:by Kendall Lardie Montana … Great White mp3歌詞

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Well there’s somethin’ goin’ down

Right here in the neighborhood

Somethin’ goin’ down

Don’t know if you really should

Doncha lose your head

I’ll make your heart feel good

There’s trouble all around

Trouble with the PTA

Tell me whatcha gonna do?

Takin’ all our highs away

S’enuff to turn you round

But Momma not today

C’mon little baby

Let’s call it rock n’ roll

C’mon little honey

Let’s call it rock n’ roll

Gonna get a good feelin’

Right down to your soul

Now your Papa’s gettin’ down

Momma sayin’ you’re no good

Baby it’s a shame

It’s never really understood

How a dose of rock n’ roll

Can make your heart feel good

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