《Love Games》歌詞:byPretty Maids mp3歌詞

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Now wait a minute baby

Don’t leave me, don’t go

We’ll work it out like we’ve done before

Another lonely night

Without you by my side

Can’t take it, can’t take it no more

A romantic chase

Two hearts out of phase

When love strikes, I’m out of control

Frustrating my mind

You know love is blind

Reflecting what’s deep in my soul

The passion that rules

A feeling so strong

I just can’t turn away from you

I may be a fool

But this can’t go wrong

I was made for you

Love games

Two people together

Love games

Playing to win

Love games

We’re dealing forever in sin

Forever in sin

Caught up in the game

And there’s no one to blame

Inside this casino of love

Just messing around

With the face of a clown

Playing until I’ve had enough

You’re rolling the dice

I’m stripped by your eyes

I can’t stand the way you’re teasing

As sly as a snake

You got all that it takes

You’ll make a heart stop beating


Since the first time you touched me

Just one time too much

Brought me down on my knees

Since the first time we kissed

I was more than possessed

I was eager to please


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