《Nugent Family Band》歌詞:byAlecia Nugent mp3歌詞

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The Nugent Family Band – Alecia Nugent


Is anybody here from Louisiana

Anybody ever seen the Nugent Family Band

Little girl up on the stage Only nine years old

I still remember standing up there singing “Daddy’s Hands”

Verse 1

Mama played piano, my daddy played the bass

I could get an encore with a big smile on my face

Raymond played the mandolin, and how he pleased the fans

Oh we had a good time in the Nugent Family Band



Verse 2

My uncle played the guitar, He could pick and he could sing

Uncle Bruce was lazy but he never missed a thing

Brother Roy sang harmony and I don’t understand

We never hit the big time as the Nugent Family Band



Verse 3

We always seemed to find a banjo picker down the road

Buzz, the fiddle player, came along to share the load

We worked the churches and the bluegrass circuit for so long

When i was young I guess I sang a million gospel songs

Verse 4

We never made it to the Grand Ole Opry in their time,

But let’s all get together now and give them all a hand

I was blessed to spend most my childhood on the road

Singing in the Nugent Family Band


Is anybody here from Louisiana

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