《WHEN I CRY THEATRICAL MIX》歌詞:by Susanne Marie Edgren 巖代太郎 mp3歌詞

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I am awaken without reason――一覺醒來

It’s restless kind of season――已經是花開時節

I hear the thunder――雷聲陣陣

I hear the raindrops――雨聲淋淋

Then I see rainbows――再現彩虹

A rainbow of you――你的幻影

I can remember just like that summer――恰似那年的夏天

The summer when I found a friend and you――摯友,那個和你初識的夏天

When I cry I call out your name――每當我哭泣時,我呼喊著你的名字

I can recall all all that childhood――兒時的記憶歷歷在目

Like dream that will never die of――如同一場不會醒來的夢

I am taking my sorrow――滿懷傷感的我,

And you bring me to the light――而你卻帶我步入光明

When I cry I call out your name――每當我哭泣時,我呼喊著你的名字

Just touch me with heaven at my doorstep――你從天而降,來到我面前輕觸我

To remind me that I won’t be alone――我不再是獨自一人

Forever is kinder—永恒似乎不再難熬

if you would remind me――如果你告訴我

That our love no way will not die――我們的愛永在

Show your face to me my love――在這無盡的黑暗中,

Through all this darkness――親愛的,讓我再看看你

Let me know your home――告訴我,你與我同在

You are my prayer in this night time――無數的夜晚,我不住的向你祈禱

You get strength to my life on――你賦予我生存的意志

Ara you an angel with all of your wonder――難道你是引發奇跡的天使?

Are stars glimmering within the sky――難道你是夜空閃爍的繁星?

Can you still see me becoming a woman――不知不覺間,時光飛逝,

Can you believe it being such a long time――你還能看見長大成人的我嗎?

When I cry I call out your name――每當我哭泣時,我呼喊著你的名字

The echoes of strangers sound familiar――陌生人話語的回音竟是那樣的熟悉

As if it were you I can hearing――就讓我假裝那就是你對我的呼喚

I don’t want to follow if it’s here I belong――我知道我屬于現在,不會隨你而去,

But it is true that I miss your smile――但我無盡的想念你的笑容

I’ll carry your memories throughout my lifetime――帶著與你一起生活的記憶,我將活下去

To the winters end and to the summer die――走過春夏秋冬

I wipe away teardrops――擦干眼淚

Cus I am stronger than I might know――因為我自己比想像中更堅強


When I cry,it won’t be,the same――當我哭泣,往昔不再

the laughter of a friend――你的歡笑

my palm in your hand――你的牽手

This is what life seems to be telling me――

I need to see――

When I cry I can be set free――再當我哭泣 我終將解脫

Like journey of rivers to the ocean――就像川流入海

It’s like we’re together for always――我們會一直在一起

There is no denying――永不分離

I found courage knowing your love——你的愛賦予我活下去的勇氣

And I see you will always be――

The sweetest lover that I had known――你永遠是我最愛的人

The sweetest friendship――我的摯友

You make me strong――你令我堅強

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