《Daddy039s Here》歌詞:by McTell Ralph McTell mp3歌詞

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Footsteps down the stairs and at the door

Pausing in the hall and at the door

‘Cos I know Daddy’s here

I can tell that he’s there.

And that means she’ll be glad

Until we’re in bed then she’s alone

For there are things they have to say

And we are sent away.

Mama, the room is cold and he is scared

I am too, and you’re not there.

How could we know you’d only took a walk

To a neighbour for a quiet talk.

Sunshine’s dying flicker on grey stone walls

Outside in the hall the old dog growls

And we’re in bed playing guessing games

Telling stories, making plans.

Radio, celery and Sunday tea

It is nicer here, just us three

And I know he won’t come again

There is no need to explain.

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