《Old Friehd》歌詞:by Ally Kerr Ally Kerr mp3歌詞

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Listen up old friend I know it’s hard to understand

But you must do what you must konw deep down

Stop feeling so sad

Coz one of these days old friend I know you’ll come to comprehend

Just why you had to start again, oh boy

It might get you down, down, down

But soon in time old friend you’ll back doing your tricks again

And light moves fast, another beams flies by

Edge closer to the sun

And suddenly old friend, well all this hurt will start to mend

You cannot keep a good man down oh boy

You’ll rise so strong. Strong. So hold on

So listen up old friend, the current will carve up the sand

Revealing life you’ve never seen before

You’ll feel so alive

You’ll feel so alive

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