《American Jesus》歌詞:by Brett Graffin Bad Religion mp3歌詞

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“American Jesus”

i don’t need to be a global citizen

because i’m blessed by nationality

i’m member of a growing populace

we enforce our popularity

there are things that

seem to pull us under

and there are things

that drag us down

but there’s a power

and a vital presence

thats lurking all around

we’ve got the american Jesus

see him on the interstate

we’ve got the american Jesus

he helped build the

president’s estate

i feel sorry

for the earth’s population

‘cuz so few

live in the U.S.A.

at least the foreigners

can copy our morality

they can visit but they cannot stay

only precious few

can garner the prosperity

it makes us walk

with renewed confidence

we’ve got a place to go when we die

and the architect resides right here

we’ve got the american Jesus

overwhelming millions every day

(exercising his authority)

he’s the farmers barren fields

the force the army wields

the expession in the faces

of the starving children

the power of the man

he’s the fuel that drives the clan

he’s the motive and conscience

of the murderer

he’s the preacher on t.v.

the false sincerity

the form letter that’s written

by the big computers

he’s the nuclear bombs

and the kids with no moms

and i’m fearful that

he’s inside me

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