《Silly Confusion》歌詞:by Baierl Bjorklund Courage … Boney M. mp3歌詞

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Meet me on the moon very very soon

Meet me on the stars Jupiter and Mars

Fly me to a star

Burning out in space shining on my face

Fly me through the night on your Silver Wings

Over crystal seas Valleys of the Kings

By the lilac shore where the dragon flies

In the diamond skies

Silly Silly Confusion

And tangle of wild illusion

We’re living in a wonderworld of fantasy

We spent all our times in sweet living dreams

It’s a Silly Silly Confusion

Like a flower of wild profusion

You can do the things in life

You always wanted to

Within your heart you know it always will come through

Take me for a ride in your Dream-Machine

To a time and place where no one has been

Let me look upon worlds I’ve never seen

In your Dream-Machine

Fly me to a star burning out in space

Let me feel the light shining on my face

Sail on solar winds sail on silver birds

Through the universe

Silly Silly Confusion…

It’s a Silly Silly Confusion…

Silly Silly Confusion…

It’s a Silly Silly Confusion…

Silly Silly Confusion

Silly Silly Confusion

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