《Something to See》歌詞:by Glenn Lewis Vidal Davis Andre Harris Glenn Lewis mp3歌詞

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1st verse :

I was thinking you and me

Could start again, fulfill a dream

Read that somewhere we would find,

A paradise,

Walls of change have clearly fell

Showing loves cry out for help

But if you only try with me

You’d see that we

Bridge :

Should be trying to find a cause

For our own flaws

But know that just to be, with you, in a love that’s truly free

That could be you and me

Chorus :

It’s be something to see, cause you know we’re too far gone

To ever be, the same way we’ve been so long

It’d be something to see, we can make it if we hold on

The way it should be, with love leading us along

2nd verse :

A love so beautiful to me, now’s the chance for all to see

All you need is to believe, love’s the key

With peace between us, you and me, then a crystal city’s where we could be

Then there’d be no mystery, just free to be

Bridge :

Only trying to find a cause,

For our own flaws

But know that just to be with you, and in love was all it was

It should ever be because

Chorus / Break / Chorus

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