《Cotton Eye Joe》歌詞:by rednex Rednex mp3歌詞

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cotton eye joe

If it had’t been for Cotton Eye Joe如果不是因為Cotton Eye Joe

2x + 2x I’d been married long time ago我早就結婚了

Where did you come from where did you go你從哪來就回哪去吧

Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe你來自哪里啊?Cotton Eye Joe

He came to town like a midwinter storm他像冬至的小雪一樣走進小鎮

he rode through the fields so handsome and strong他如此英俊和堅強的走過那片農田

his eyes was his tools and his smile was a gun他的眼睛就是他的武器,他的笑容就像一把槍

but all he had come for was having some fun但他只是為了獲得一些樂趣而來的

CHORUS 2x合唱2x

He brought disaster wherever he went無論他到那,他都是如此的矚目

the hearts of the girls was to hell broken sent女孩的心已經碎了

they all ran away so nobody would know他們都走了,沒有人知道是怎么了

and left only men cause of Cotton Eye Joe生命中的男人全是因為Cotton Eye Joe

CHORUS 2x合唱2x

CHORUS 2x 合唱2x

CHORUS 1x合唱1x

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