《Desert Moon (Live)》歌詞:byGreat White mp3歌詞

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(Lardie, Niven, Kendall, Russell)

Let’s shake this town baby

Come with me

I need a little lovin’ company

C’mon now

I know where we can go

This is the time

T’stay out all night

I’ve gotta fire

Like a heavenly light

C’mon baby

Let’s take a drive

C’mon baby

Let’s do it right

Time to dance

In the magic light

Of the desert moon

Come on honey

Let’s get it right

Make romance

In the magic light

Of the desert moon

Let’s lay it down

Under a cactus tree

Give a little lovin’ ecstacy

C’mon now

It’s time to go

Little baby

You’re a beautiful sight

I’ve got the love

And we have the night

C’mon baby

It’s time to fly

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