《Zuzu Zuzu》歌詞:byCleopatra Stratan mp3歌詞

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Romane?te (original):

Majoritatea timpului trec?tor

Noi stam cu fa?a ?n fa?a la monitor

Trec zile dup? zile, luni dup? luni

?i tot din ce ?n ce mai multe minuni.

Se-ntampla lucruri care nici n-am visat

Aflam din timp ce ?nc? nu s-a-ntamplat

Ne-amuza lumea ?n care noi nu tr?im

Dar ce se-ntampla dup? geam, nu ?tim.

Iar afar?

Pe o frunz?

?si ?ntreab? buburuz?,


De mai poate

?-o amuze,

El desigur ii raspunde




Most of the time passes meaninglessly

We stay with our faces on the monitor

Day after day passes, month after month,

And miracle after miracle.

Things happen that we’d never dreamed of

We hear about things that haven’t yet happened

The world we don’t live in amuses us

But that which is beyond the window, we don’t know.

While outside

On a leaf,

A lady bug

Asks a male lady bug…

For more that can

Be amusing,

He is sure to answer:



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