《Wouldn’t Change A Thing》歌詞:byMatt Dusk mp3歌詞

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Here I go once again

Will I find the same end, or will I get it right

Will I change?

Will I make all the same mistakes?

O will I see the light?

Your friends said that we

Would never last that long

Well I guess your friends were wrong


We’ll still love kissin’, we’ll still refuse to listen

This got to be the world’s longest fling

We’re still hangin’ in there

So very glad we’ve been there

Even if I could

I wouldn’t change a thing

Maybe we’ll have a fight

That’ll mess up the whole night

It can even last for days

But they’re few and they’re far

In between the next star

Making up is always great

Yes it’s true on paper

We don’t look that strong

Well I guess the paper’s wrong

Repeat Chorus

(Ext Chorus)

Even when you steal the covers

I wouldn’t change a thing

Even when I’m at your mothers

I wouldn’t change a thing

Even when you take me shopping

I wouldn’t change a thing

Even when you won’t stop talking

On a side note when I first met you

I never thought I’d get to share every single thing with you

And now you make me feel brand new

Repeat Chorus twice

Repeat Ext Chorus

Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing

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