《The National Mitten Registry 》歌詞:byThe Lucksmiths mp3歌詞

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Should you find me forsaken

On some neighbor’s fence

Out walking one morning

When winter relents

All sodden and weatherworn

Threadbare and fallen apart

If you notice me next to you

There on the train

Revealed as the evening rush eases again

Don’t leave me languishing

Take me in hand, and take heart

Fingers crossed, all is not lost

Should you find me forsaken, forgotten, forlorn

Unclaimed and uncared for, neglected, ignored

Abandoned, asunder, apart and alone

Discarded, disposed of, dispensed with, disowned

Lost and all lonesome, bygone, bereft

Squandered, unwanted, cast off and adrift

Dropped and deserted, mistreated, mislaid

Overlooked, derelict, stranded, astray

Fingers crossed, all is not lost

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