《Bait》歌詞:byThe Little Hands of Asphalt mp3歌詞

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There’s disillusion on my breath tonight

That’s probably how I pulled you in

I know the slaying is inevitable

But I never know where to begin

The deep water swallowed us

And we talked until we got the bends

about love in the modern world

with the awkwardness of passing friends

Eventually I shrugged it off. Maybe that’s how I feel?

But you don’t seem offended by the fact that I have kept you here as bait for something real.

They’ve discovered the volume knob

I bet the neighbors are seeing red

But my friend she’s reading Carouac

So there’s no way we’ll be going to bed

The effects are spreading fast

Hardly Care when you leave

Once I find a net to use

Better shoes, nerves of steel

New ways to feel

Soon reveal, you’re bait for something real

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