《I will pay back》歌詞:by hamaken AIR SWELL mp3歌詞

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-I will pay back-


Said some bullshit

And dissapeared

Do not feel too safe now.

You managed to

stay alive till today.

Not this time,you are done.

Too bad that I’m your greatest enemy now.

I love people.But when I hate,its for real.


I warned you time to time.

My forgiveness you disrespected.

I am sure you know what I mean.


I can fxxk you up anytime.

Whenever I want to.

Find yourself a better fxxkin’place to hide.

Coz I can still see you. I hate all of you.

(I will pay back)

hey,I know every move that you have.

(I will pay back)

hey,I will hunt you down in time.

Have fun for now.


First time I hear my devil.

Probably the last. I will pay back.

I don’t sing a lie.this isn’t lyrics.

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