《I039m Your Baby Tonight》歌詞:by Babyface Reid Whitney Houston mp3歌詞

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Whitney Houston

I’m Your Baby Tonight(Erik Morilloharry Choo Choojose Nunez Remix)



From the moment I saw you

I went outta my mind

Though I never believed in

Love at first sight

But you got a magic boy

That I just can’t explain

Well you got a, you got a way

That you’re makin me feel

I can do, I can do anything for you baby

I’ll be down for you baby

Lay all my cards out tonight

Just call on me baby

I’ll be there in a hurry

It’s your move so baby baby decide


Whatever you want from me (whatever)

I’m giving you everything (you want boy)

I’m your baby tonight (I’ll be your baby, I will be your lady)

You’ve given me ecstasy

You are my fantasy (you are boy)

I’m your baby tonight (I am your babe)

From the second you touched me

I was ready to die

I’ve never been fatal

You’re my first time

I feel like an angel

Who just started to fly

Well you got a, you got a way that

You make a me, feel I can, feel I can

Do anything for you baby

I will fly for you baby

Hold on and enjoy the ride

I’m not in no hurry

We can fly all night baby

It’s your move now baby

Baby let’s fly


Whatever I do boy

It’s all about you baby

And ain’t it the truth boy

I’m helplessly in love with you

What else i can do boy

But be there for you baby

You got a, you got a way that

You makin me feel-I-can, feel-I-can

do-any-do-anything Yeah!


Looks like I’m fatal

It’s all on the table

And baby you hold the cards

You got the magic

And I’ve got to have it

I don’t want the pieces

I want every single part

I’ll be your angel

I’m ready and able

Whatever you want is fine

Whenever you’re ready

Just call on your lady

And I’ll be your baby tonight


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