《Uber Everywhere Remix》歌詞:by 馬思唯J.Mag 馬思唯 mp3歌詞

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月球光 透過玻璃陽臺


臉皮太厚 才是我的王牌

說到音樂這方面 好歹算是人才

Uber everyfuckingwhere 蜜蜂 在練氣功

辛勤的勞作 是我們相同的系統

Uber everywhere地球大 復雜的迷宮

Uber everywhere郵票 貼上了信封

把我變成APP 被你握在你手心


蘇丹 西安 CDC 我比去年更出名

工作時像是在休假 我發誓不把你丟下

higher higher

higher higher

媽媽她很心疼我 瘦的像個排骨兒

媽媽經常叮囑我 記得要兌奶粉兒





Uber everywhere地球大 復雜的迷宮

Uber everywhere郵票 貼上了信封


J.mag everywhere

i got bitches i dont care

looked up in the mirror

im the flyest up in here

smoking and drinking bear

out in Dubai im always there

young nigga flexing

always driving reckless

got your bitch she texting

purple dring we mix it

trap house trap house jumping

like its scotty pippin

young nigga ballin

got them hoes calling

out on stage jumping

man thats why my trap is doing numbers

here to tokyo she ride me like rodio

im her romio pulled up in that audio

young Africa trill as fuck no replica

pull up in that uber

shoutout to my jewler

heading to the commas

in China doing numbers

i got like three bad onces asking for my number

like i got them bands shoutout to my mans

she told me she can ride that dick

and she dont need no hands

but i dont need her

my songs dont need no feature

uber everywhere

pre rolls in the whip

smoking joints to the face

your bitch want to rep the set

man she want to kiss me

but i know she sucking dick

man she want to kiss me

but i know she sucking dick

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